About me

Intuitive. Expert. Passionate. Realistic. Dedicated. Friendly. Fearless. Brave...

Maybe not the words you’d usually expect to see describing a yoga teacher?

But then, even after just your first class or online work-out, you’ll appreciate that yoga with Hazel Baldwin is so different. Unexpected in fact.

Fully certified through YMCA CYQ Yoga Alliance, Ashtanga Yoga trained by leading exponent David Swenson, Aqua Yoga qualified, Advanced Emotional Freedom, Technique practitioner, Healing nutritionalist and Personal Trainer

Don't fear – you can find a way

Need motivation? Looking to improve your yoga a little? Out to check in with those chakras? Or heal up perhaps? An absolute beginner with good intentions but heartburn at just the thought of going to yoga, bemused by how people get hooked...? 

Whatever angle you're coming from, Hazel has a way of understanding and speaking your language. She's the first to admit that she has been through stuff and come out fighting. Fire-fighting in fact and she's regularly on call for the people of her adopted Suffolk. Yoga is her path. Her way round. Her way forward. Her way which acknowledges that "life ain't easy".

Sun Power Yoga - a shining light

Yellow-brick road or golden path, Sun Power Yoga's bright and illuminating, with caring and sharing at its core whether Hazel's delivering the gentlest of healing yoga work-outs, or driving ambitious sportsmen to achieve realistic fitness goals to improve their game.

"Never thought my husband would enjoy yoga but having a teacher who has perfected her craft, is so knowledgeable in her field and delivers her classes with passion, belief, love and laughter has transformed his belief in its benefits… Hazel's spirit and energy shine through and her classes are a joy."

Hazel's wide range of regular classes and increasingly her portfolio of online yoga instruction videos, adopt a different focus each week, especially adapted to meet students' needs.

Thematic approaches may include:

  • Healing Yoga
  • Back to Basics
  • Twist to Release
  • Elements
  • Chakras for Everyday Use
  • Letting go
  • I am a Warrior

Serious yoga support without taking yourself too seriously

Try new approaches to your yoga practice. Find motivation and realise potential within the bounds of what you as an individual could realistically achieve. Enjoy a holistic approach and learn how laughter is essential to every personal journey.

"Hazel is well trained and knows exactly what your body is capable of. You will leave any class feeling peaceful and like you're walking on air!" K. (East Suffolk)

"Such a refreshing change to be taught by someone who wants to teach and who doesn't just do it as a
job. My only regret is not getting to a class sooner!" K.A. (East Suffolk).

Creative spirit Hazel is always crafting new holistic encounters with yoga, so you can get a real taste of how the practices which have changed her life can enrich yours.