Hazel Baldwin is trained in healing nutrition and a fully qualified yoga teacher, offering one-to-one sessions, group classes and corporate workshops especially designed to support learning about nutrition as the practice is taken into daily life, potentially with transformative effect.

Taste the difference with Hazel

What we eat; what we drink; choosing to eat foods raw or how we go about cooking them – our
nutrition can have dramatic effects on our health, energy levels and concentration.

Winning an understanding of how different foods affect the personal system can help with self diagnosis. Introducing informed potential dietary and lifestyle changes can help relieve and prevent ailments and lead to balanced blood sugar levels and improved vitality throughout the day. It’s important stuff – but not always words that we want to hear or which are easy to digest.

Hazel Baldwin’s approach to nutritional support and teaching is well-informed, holistic, gentle, yet hard-hitting when it needs to be. Because she shares her extensive knowledge with a powerful signaturemix of straight-talking and heart-felt empathy, for many it has proven to be an effective and really appealing tonic.

All for one, and one for all

You don’t have to be one of the Three Musketeers and be on a mission to give nutritional therapy a try. Many of Hazel’s students sample her nutritional understanding initially through the joined-up thinking of her yoga classes ( >> Vibrations / raw food). One-to-one sessions are popular to work towards personal nutrition plans, whereas classes and workshops are able to introduce a wide range nutritional considerations. Ultimately, Hazel’s philosophy is to empower people to cure what can be cured, endure what cannot and enjoy the uplift which good nutrition can bring. It’s all part of creating the best version yourself.

Be driven by the benefits

Do you have a personal fitness challenge on the horizon? Are you a keen sportsman, looking to improve personal records and fitness? Does your job require focus or stamina? Do you just want to improve your daily eating habits?

Talk to Hazel about bespoke sessions and courses full of nutritional top tips which could make you feel tip-top. Nutrition courses can be combined with yoga and fitness training as part of regular or one-off courses of coaching.

Sports clubs ? Individual athletes ? Workplace wellbeing ? Service industries ? Schools and Colleges ?

Our Nutrition programmes / classes

We offer taught sessions as educational and interactive classes, arranged as a 6 week nutrition course of inter-connected sessions. Class sessions are however bookable on an ad hoc basis, as individual sessions may be of benefit as stand-alone units. Sessions are suitable for all ages.

We also offer bespoke group nutrition courses for corporate concerns, schools and associations such as sports clubs.

Fancy something really juicy?

Find out what juices can do for you. One-off sessions, classes and courses to reveal the real zest of life available to you by the glass. A chance to learn how to energize or unwind, sample in moderation and above all enjoy!

Learn about the Ts & Ps

Yep, you’ve got it – the ins and out of hot beverages. Hot drinks all part of the ‘hygge’ like a cuddle or open fire, they give you that warm feeling.

Learn about tea and tannins, the joys and hang-ups of caffeine and be prepared to enjoy the discovery of a vast palette of colourful infusions. What should you really drink at bedtime? What should you avoid if you don’t want to keep getting up to the loo at night? Hazel shares samples and secrets and makes the learning stick with just a sprinkle of her hallmark irreverent humour.

Detox for beginners

A 10 day course to introduce, guide and lead you through the experiences of what detoxing can do for you. A gentle, supportive approach to a big step which can be daunting, but make an enormous difference.