Words from the wise

Testimonials for Hazel Baldwin Yoga Felixstowe Suffolk and beyond

Life is all about sharing. In her classes, courses, personal training sessions Hazel shares her experience, positivity and passion. It is hardly surprising that she receives copious quantities of feedback from those how wish to share in turn.

We’ve gathered and grouped just a few of their thoughts here, but you can tap into a constant stream of feedback through our social media channels.


I'm not a morning person but Hazels yoga class was the only class I would get up early on my day off for! I always came out revigourated and ready to face the day ahead. I also enjoy the power yoga classes when you can get a real sweat on they are excellent. Hazel has a naturally ability to adapt the class to suit everybodies ability and I'm proud to call her a friend too.

Mrs LL

You will be amazed how good you will feel, both physically and mentally after even one yoga zoom class with Hazel Baldwin!!

I have been doing her daily classes for over 6 weeks now, having not done yoga for over 7 years and I’m amazed how much stronger, flexible and calmer I feel. It’s even helped me avoid conflict with my husband and kids during this lockdown.

I absolutely love how Hazel teaches yoga via Zoom - it just works!!

Mrs W

Want to feel good, join up to Hazel's zoom classes x I am working but fitting in classes as and when I can, definitely boosts my mood feeling calmer especially after not be able to see my little grandson, but also to maintain physical strength along the way, Hazel's classes are fun and full of energy.

Miss B

I'm sure you must have sprinkled magic fairy dust on our Zoom Yoga this morning - I have been feeling supercharged ever since and not once took anything personally and so have had a big fat ZERO conflicts all day....a miracle for sure. Now I feel I'm on a roll and determined to keep that magic dust working for me tomorrow too.


To those of you who know me I'm not the most athletic individual. Have even been suffering with some joint pain. But as they say a little bit of what you like does you good (though I think that they might be referring to red wine and chocolate etc).

However doing a bit of this each week has improved my mobility and stamina. Now I ain't going to be doing any ultra marathons anytime soon but I can cycle a bit further than I used to (starting at a fairly low threshold of none!) And I don't crack or creak as noisily as I have been. 


Beautiful yoga routine from Hazel - It boosts your immune system and is uplifting and loads more! This has helped me get fitter and helped my immune system - I can highly recommend Hazel Baldwin's classes


Beginners yoga is how I got started and over two years in now, wouldn’t be without my yoga it just makes day better the week better the month better and life is better


Yoga while blindfolded she said - but I did as I was told and found a tube scarf.

It was so much more difficult to balance and I did topple over a few times but it was amazing!! Thankyou Hazel yet again for another great yoga experience

Mrs S

Have really been enjoying last two weeks of yoga I was going to ask for access to the whole months programs so can dip in and out to build a daily practice.

Miss K

Thanks for being on my TV again loved Mondays class especially the hip opening at the beginning just what I needed how did you know Xx

Miss L

Thanks so much Hazel loved loved loved this morning's class. Perfect vinyasa YOGA combined with the very best of breath work to harness the power to the muscles making it possible to have those very powerful poses


Thank you so much for being there this week! You have definitely helped me keep my head level during an extra difficult week. Please can I have today’s class at the weekend I think I'll need it.

Mrs J

I’ve never done yoga before and never thought I would be able to do it. Can’t explain how much it has helped me with my anxiety with the current situation. I’m currently shielding with two high-risk children who also like to join in. I’m stronger physically and mentally and it’s thanks to my daily dose of Hazel and her yoga