Personal Training

Hazel Baldwin offers personal training, group fitness training and boot camps in Felixstowe and Suffolk with yoga at their core. Whatever journey you find yourself on - rising to the challenge of scaling the Three Peaks, making the hockey team, winning on the squash court or securing stamina fit for holding down a job in the fire service - Hazel will challenge, educate and motivate. Together you will set and achieve realistic goals, with both getting a buzz out of your personal success.

At the Club

One-off sessions or regular courses for individuals and groups. Ask Hazel about fitness training for your specific sporting or hobby needs. From hockey and rugby players to ski and snowboarding instructors or avid leisure-time walkers, Hazel has what it takes to make everyone listen up and get on with making a difference.

At Home... or on the beach

Personal training in the Felixstowe Suffolk area delivered in the gym, in your home, garden or on the beach - wherever life takes you and you feel most comfortable. Training plans and fitness routine checks which motivate because they are personalised and realistic, designed by a motivating fitness and yoga mentor who really knows her stuff.

In the Workplace

Office workers, call centre operatives, homeworkers locked to their computer screens – me space in the workplace is a must-have in a driven environment where it’s all too hard to just say no and switch off. Hazel has the answer with chair yoga techniques, mindful minutes and healthy breaks full of juicy nutritional value.

Some jobs however need individuals a develop different kinds or resilience and physical stamina - the fire, police and security industries for example demand high levels of fitness to deliver their day-to-day services. Hazel has first-hand experience of what it takes. She can make even the service industries’ toughest cookies crumble, get them on-side and drive them towards optimum performance and commitment. Respect.

At School

Fitness, stamina, nutrition, mental and physical wellbeing – they’re all buzz words for school-age teenagers these days. Hazel Baldwin is not just an inspirational and engaging motivator, but one who youngsters even going through the toughest of times will listen to. Why? Because she has been there. She remembers, channels and celebrates the energy the past has given her. She has experience in delivering her Yoga for Teenagers courses at leisure centres and schools.

Or just about Anywhere

Find yourself working tricky hours or just looking for ultimate flexibility in how you approach your regular yoga and fitness me-time? Join Hazel on the yoga mat anytime, anywhere with our latest video work-out sessions and online courses.